(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 20 - 06/2024

“…the very position that Lacan himself has sustained in his teaching: inciting to know, but from a position of analysand and only speaking from Freud’s work. To give its rightful place
to the object in the cartel, therefore, requires that the plusone does not appropriate the effect of attraction but refers it elsewhere – for us, to Freud and to Lacan.”
Jacques-Alain Miller, “Five Variations on the Theme of
“Provoked Elaboration”





(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 19 - 12/2023

“Those who enter this School will undertake to fulfil a task that is subject to both internal and external supervision...
To carry out this work we shall adopt the principle of sustained elaboration in small groups. Each group (we have a name to designate them) will be composed of at least three people, five at most, four is the right balance. PLUS ONE responsible for the selection, the discussion and the outcome to be accorded to the work of each.”
Jacques Lacan, Founding Act,
21 June 1964, translated by R. Grigg 





(EN, FR) NLS Cartels event - "4 + One ≠ 5, A Rendez-Vous with (my) Plus-One"

The NLS Cartel Commission is organizing two cartel events, one in English and another in French, which are open to the general public in 2023. The English-speaking event will take place on Sunday 19th of March in English (18th of February in French), 2023 via zoom from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. GMT time, under the title:

"4 + One ≠ 5
 A Rendez-Vous with (my) Plus-One"


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(EN/FR) Критерии за публикуване на текстове в Бюлетина на НЛШ

Submit a text / Soumettre un texte
Submission Criteria of Texts to Cartels Newsletter 4 + One
Please read these submission criteria carefully ; texts that do not meet the criteria will returned to author.
1. Texts must be no longer than 3500 characters including spaces.
2. The name of the cartel and the theme/question of work of the cartelisand should be referenced.
3. Texts must not contain clinical nor personal material.
4. The cartel has formative effects ; these may be included in the text but only insofar as it pertains to the cartel work in question.
Texts should not be a personal account or analysis.
5. Texts must be in Word document, font Palatino, size 12, line spacing 1.5.
6. Texts should be well structured, oriented around a clear theme or question. Context should be coherent and text internally consistent.
7. Texts must be proofed for language usage and phrasing, grammar and syntax before submission.
8. Texts must be submitted to the NLS Cartel Delegate : Marina Frangiadaki, Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
9. All references should be footnoted, respecting the correct APA-format.
10. Texts that meet these criteria will then be reviewed by the Reading Committee of the Newsletter.
11. Texts may be accepted without changes, declined or invited for resubmission based on the incorporation of suggestions by the Reading
Committee. Authors will be duly informed.
12. Authors are under no obligation to resubmit, based on the Reading Committee’s review and feedback.

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(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 7/2022

Each text in this issue whilst a singular product of work with its own theme of interrogation demonstrates how each one is confronted with one’s own particular relation to the psychoanalytic cause emerging as it does here via the device of the cartel. This lonely crowd of the school paradoxically is nevermore evoked for each than via the work of the cartel, a grouping of 4 plus one that goes against “blind universalism”1 and which disturbs, provokes, anguishes and mobilises.