(EN) Фиксация и повторение - Конгрес на НЛШ 2022



                                                           Cartels Towards the Congress!

Dear colleagues,

We will meet in presence once again on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2022, for the NLS Congress on a theme that resonates for each one:

In our practice and knowledge:  by taking up the terms of the Congress Argument written by Alexandre Stevens “[r]epetition is one of the four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis, as set out by Lacan in Seminar XI where, […] he introduced a new mode of the real. To do so, he distinguished it from transference, which the post-Freudians had reduced to being merely the repetition of figures from the past. As for fixation, it is a Freudian term, which Freud made use of in a rather discreet way and which was never given a significant place in his metapsychology. It was Jacques-Alain Miller, a careful reader of Freud, who gave it a new relevance when he took up the last period of Lacan’s teaching: "jouissance (...) is an event of the body. (...) it is of the order of trauma (...) it is the object of a fixation”.[1] This was not the first time he had drawn upon Freud to propose a way of approaching Lacan’s last teaching. He had already proposed a reading of Inhibition, Symptom and Anxiety in this sense.[2]

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