Report of Bulgarian Society of Lacanian Psychoanalysis /BSLP/, affiliated group of NLS

Past year was an intensive year for the BSPL. Certainly, this is not without link to the specificity of this time of crisis in Bulgaria, connected to numerous reforms (social, educational, health-care, justice…). This is a crisis, which therefore “accelerate the time”, and where in the realization of European projects, often “the moment to conclude plays before the instant to see 1. We have to “catch up” Europe”, right away and now! Once the reforms implemented, yet there are no remaining points of reference in front of a fall of ideals and a real, which is stripped as suddenly, “(badly) hidden” during the long years under the cover of a regime and after that under the cover of a discourse of everything possible, brought by an initial western air. In front of one Europe, herself in crisis, and in front of this clinic of the real nowadays, BSLP and Lacanian psychoanalysis in Bulgaria find their place in a movement, might say, somewhat conversely to that in Western Europe – from the applied psychoanalysis to the pure psychoanalysis; from the introduction of the clinical approach in institutions to increasingly numerous demands of a personal analysis.

The clinical laboratory of CIEN “The Child and Its Symptoms”, which has as theme for the year the question of adolescence, has allowed, on the political level, a certain recognition of the clinical approach in the social sphere. Due to this work, since long years, a new term, that of mental suffering, is introduced in the medico-social and educational fields in Bulgaria. It implies the necessity of a “time to understand” and more and more institutions are addressing to us to assure supervision and support in their everyday work. A reversal in the perception of the difficulties of the youth, called “at risk” begins to happen for many Bulgarian colleagues and that is translated by an important change in their texts, presented at the laboratory. These are testimonies, where the clinical sensitivity, the invention and calling into question of the position of the intervener come at first place in front of the unbearable encounter with the real. In this framework we have been invited in March this year at the Study Day of CIEN in Lyon, where we have been able to speak as well about the new partnerships with schools, educational institutions and penitentiaries. An event and a new encounter for us!

The seminars of NLS in Bulgaria, oriented by the themes of the congresses and the Clinical Study Days of BSLP testify about the more important place, which the pure psychoanalysis is taking in Bulgaria. The number of regular participants, often in analysis and having supervision, grows considerably, as well as the interest towards the theory and a more profound work with texts. Five new cartels are set up and a meeting of the cartels has taken place for the first time this year. The cases, presented during the clinical workshops, organized by BSLP, show the results of that work.

One intensive year and a favourable moment for our group, which is not, however, without difficulties, and above all, making effort of an “action, which belongs to the register of the possible and should be distinguished from the act, which is produced against the backdrop of the impossible 2.


1 F. Ansermet, « La crise, entre l’entaille et le temps », L’affiche du XIIIème congrès de la NLS « Moments de crise ». 

2 J.-A. Miller, « Introduction à l’érotique du temps », La Cause freudienne n°56.